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Ideas to Tackle Carpet Stains

7 Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Need to Try Carpet is making a comeback. While the last couple of decades have trended toward hardwood floors and travertine tiles, 2020 has seen a resurgence of wall-to-wall carpet in interior design. With bold designs and colors that have modernized an old standby, carpet has once again taken center stage. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpet or just a few rooms of it, keeping carpet clean and stain-free is always desirable. Of course, you can always call in a professional carpet cleaner, but it’s not that scary to tackle carpet dirt and stains on your own. You can save on professional cleaning services with these do-it-yourself carpet cleaning hacks.

  1. Try a Lint Roller–Dirt, crumbs, pet hair, and spills like flour, rice, glitter, and other tiny particles can be pulled from the carpet with a good old lint roller.

  2. Use a Squeegee–A damp squeegee will remove even stubborn pet hair from carpets.

  3. Blot, Don’t Rub–Carefully and gently blot stains with your cleaning solution to keep them from spreading and soaking deeper into the fiber.

  4. Deep Clean with DIYCleaning Solutions–White vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, dishsoap, and more can be used to safely and cost-effectively clean your carpet. Consider these eco-friendly solutions the next time you clean.

  5. Bring the Heat–Carefully heating a stain with a blowdryer will help loosen the stain and make removal easier.

  6. Shaving Cream–This budget-friendly solution is an excellent cleaning solution for small spaces and leaves carpet fresh and clean.

  7. DIY Deodorizer–Keep carpets smelling clean by mixing Borax, baking soda, and a few drops of essential oil; sprinkle and vacuum after a few minutes.

Whatever your opinion about carpet, it’s here to stay. Keep yours clean and long-lasting by using these carpet cleaning hacks in your home.

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